[Northkeep] Where are YOU going?

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This list look pretty much the same for me with two possicle exceptions.  I am not sure yet but I might not be attending Beltain even though I would love to instead I might be heading to Houston for the Squire and Cadets tourney.  As well I might make a run up to Lillies with my squire brother.  

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It's always cool to see who is going where. Events are more fun with lots o
friends. Here's where Morgan and I will be...

March 9-16 Gulf War (Woot!)
April 4th Crown
April 18th Weisenfuere
April 25th Bonwicke
May 9th Beltaine
May 16th Eldern Hills
May 30th Castellan
(June and July no events for us)
Aug 29th Gothic War
Sept 19th Moonschadowe
Sept 26th Elfsea
Oct 3rd Three Kings
Oct 10th Namron Protectorate
Oct 24th Samhain (this is iffy)
Nov 21st BAM

Of course plans can change, but that's the events we are planning to be at.
If you need loaner garb for any of these events please let me know a few
weeks in advance if you can.

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