[Northkeep] Populace tonight

giladriel giladriel at cox.net
Mon Feb 25 13:33:17 PST 2008

wheres the new indoor fighting site at?
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From: Jerry and Teresa Herring
Date: 02/25/08 15:18:03
To: Northkeep
Subject: [Northkeep] Populace tonight
Greetings All,
I am still quite ill, running a fever, although it is less of one today than
days before. I would not share this plague with any of the rest of you and
so I will not be at populace tonight. HE Kelandra should be there. Our plan
is to bring the space heaters and some other items like glass bowls that
were left at Winterkingdom with Kelandra.
I should be at Grub and Garb on Wednesday and would really enjoy seeing
everyone from Northkeep there to make it a grand old time. So please put on
your garb, pack some food to share, and come out to the new indoor fighting
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