[Northkeep] Where are YOU going?

Theresa Kwasny raptorboss at cox.net
Mon Feb 25 18:18:26 PST 2008

Tim, Kate and I are currently planning on:
March 12-16 Gulf War
April 4th Medfaire
April 18th Wiesenfeuer
April 25th Bonwicke (maybe, depends on money)
May 9th I am sooo bummed out that I'll miss my first WS meeting and Beltane
too, but I'll be at a convention that weekend :(
May 16th Eldren Hills
May 30th Castellan
July 12th Coronation (maybe, if it is close enough)
July 19th Queen's Champion
Sept 19th Moonschadowe
Oct 3rd Three Kings
Oct 10th Namron Protectorate
Nov 16th  Queen's Champion
Nov 21st BAM (maybe, depends on money)

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