[Northkeep] Awards at Castellan

kevinkeary at aol.com kevinkeary at aol.com
Tue Jun 3 14:16:01 PDT 2008

His Excellency has asked that I post the awards list for Castellan just 
past. Here it is. Certain names have been edited out to preserve their 
innocence. All you get are the number of characters in the name, for 

Elizaveta af Isafjord -- Pelican (received)

Arthur Blackmoon -- Arc d'Or (received)
Elizabeth de Calais -- Star of Merit (received)
Keigan of Ravensfaire -- Star of Merit (received)
Timothy le Corbusier -- Star of Merit (received)

Jutte VonderBerg -- Sable Thistle (Costuming) (received)
Bianca della Vittoria -- Sable Crane (received)
Ivo Blackhawk -- Sable Crane (received)
Megan I-don't-know-who -- Sable Crane (received)
Montega Blackdragon -- Sable Crane (received)
Randel Lee Smith -- Sable Crane (received)

Zubeydah al-Badawiyya -- Compass Rose (received)

Elisabeth Ann Herrington -- Award of Arms (received)
Hamish MacKnochard -- Award of Arms (received)
Katia Marie Giovanni -- Award of Arms (received)
Rebekah of Northkeep -- Award of Arms (received)
XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX -- Award of Arms (NOT received but read into law)
XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX -- Award of Arms (NOT received but read into law)
XXXXXXXXXXXXXX -- Award of Arms (NOT received but read into law)

Kelandra Carmichael -- Queen's Rapier (received)
Robin of Northkeep -- King's Archer (received)
Ulrich von Budigen -- King's Archer (received)

Allyson of Odsstead -- Rising Star (received)
Nicol MacKnochard -- Rising Star (received)
XXXX -- Rising Star (NOT received but but read into law)

Damon Xanthus -- Caisteal Cridhe (received)
Elodie le Cormier -- Caisteal Cridhe (received)
Ismet Sevdah -- Caisteal Cridhe (received)

Therese Marie Giovanni was made Rapier General of Ansteorra, and the 
Queen's Battle Standard (I think it was -- feel free to correct me) was 
placed by Her Majesty and her new general in the hands of one of that 
general's captains -- Facon du Pray. But those aren't awards.

The championships aren't awards either, and I don't have the list with 
me anyway. I'll post them later unless someone else does first.

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