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Anyone can ask for copies.   If the Baronial Librarian sends a mailing
address to Alban a set of disks will appear in the mailbox once he gets
to the point he's sending them out.    
Realize what you are going to recieve is one or more DVD's with high
quality scans/photographs of the period document.   
Zahava, If it goes like usual you don't need to tell him which books you
want.  Just say "Please!"  along with your mailing address and you'll
get the complete set of documents mentioned in the message.   It's
easier for him to ship complete sets to everyone who asks rather than
picking and choosing documents on a requestor by requestor basis.
 I've posted a link to his complete list of documents previously.  (If
you can't find it I'll hunt it down.)  Alban really enjoys being a
puryeyor of old document images.  If you see something you want, ask.
Also, Ismet and I ask for a disk pretty much everytime he's said he had
a new one available.   I pass it to the NK list and I hope everyone is
passing it on to anyone you think might be interested.
Also, Alban has commented that if you are going to be in the Columbia
Missouri area and want to view the actual documents he is willing to
make arangements to let you do so.    This will be at his personal
residence so you need to synch up to his schedule but something can
usually be worked out.  

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	Can we send away to this gentleman to get copies on disk for the
	Who is going to request the "Five Hundred Points of Good
Husbandry" with additional "Booke of Huswifrey" and is totally psyched
about it.
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	And some of these are actually in English.  
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	Subject: and again with the books
	I'm in the middle of a digitizing binge, so for once I figure
I'll get the news out now to avoid
	doing all the labelling, copying, and sending at once - get the
labelling done now, and
	do the other stuff later.
	Standard rules - send me, privately, your postal address, and
I'll drop the disk(s) in the mail
	when they're ready. Do not send cash, checks, stamps, envelopes,
blank DVD's, first-born
	sons, or other payments or offers of payment. Just your postal
address. Really. And, no,
	sending me an email saying you'd like a copy isn't sufficient: I
	TOO! (I've got ten or eleven email addresses from people who
really, really want a disk. It's
	annoying to not be able to give them what they want.)
	Permission granted to cross-post this where you think it'd be
	So....here's what will be on the next disk(s) offered, possibly
by the end of June, most likely
	by the end of July:
	Herbals, booze, medicinal stuff, gardening, and things very
loosely connected to plants, animals,
	and the use thereof, sorta maybe:

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