[Northkeep] Heroes

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Thu Jun 5 18:04:52 PDT 2008

At opening court of Castellan, Her Majesty Vanessa told us we would 
witness fearless heroes and acts of selfless chivalry at this event, 
and I want to say that her words were truer than perhaps even she 
realized at the time. For I did indeed see heroes, true heroes, stand 
and struggle against a fierce and implacable foe, seeking the good of 
their fellows above their own.

But I saw these things on the morning AFTER the tournament, not in the 
lists. I saw a storm giant as fearsome as any ever met in the Eddas 
rise up and smite those still present, with but little warning or time 
to prepare. I saw Tarl and Beorhrtlic braving its fell onslaught, 
struggling tirelessly in its full fury to stem its harm. I saw Ian rush 
 from the relative security of the keep to call the people to come in to 
safety, and return to that safety only behind the slowest of them e'en 
though the creature's mighty club, formed of the wind and rain itself, 
smote at him again and again. I saw Facon and Talon, ere the beast's 
strength was spent, sally forth to enter the fray and rescue what they 
could. I saw Keigan, though the monster's assault had left her in 
darkness and bereft of power, labor to provide warm sustenance to 
strengthen the struggling warriors and succor the weakened victims. I 
saw Perrin, who having taken his family back to his steading was 
returning to aid his comrades, spy the beast towering over them venting 
its hatred, and yet he merely spurred his steed on to greater speed to 
reach them and offer his aid. And in the aftermath, I saw Therese and 
Kelandra and, at their very first tournament, Sarantsatsral and Fiona, 
moving through the battle's destruction like the Choosers of the Slain 
of old, seeking out that which could yet be saved, and granting a 
stroke of grace to that which could not, holding their own grief in 
check all the while.

Yes, heroes strode there that day. I, Kevin, witnessed their actions. 
The battlefield was wide, and I have no doubt there were many other 
selfless acts of sacrifice, strength and service I did not see, that 
this is but a few of the heroes who stood against the wave of 
destruction and persevered at great cost. I sing of the few I was 
allowed to witness. Perhaps others will add their own words to these, 
that more of the heroes may be recognized.

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