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Dear Lady Eleanor Cleavely,
I offer my humblest apologies to you for it seems that I have beet unclear.  I’m terribly 
  afraid that I have misrepresented both myself and the Goliards to you.  I have no idea 
  why else you would have drawn these erroneous assumptions.  I offer to you an 
  explanation of sorts, if you will.  First I must say that your opinion is as appreciated as 
  the next, even if I do not agree with them.  You see, I have said before that everyone’s 
  game, Dream, Kingdom, and even opinions are something that should be considered in 
  all things.  However, I am somewhat deeply hurt that you do feel that these things are 
  It is very late at night but I feel that I must see this done or else dwell upon it all night.  I 
  will go in order via quote:

-“Funny, that's not what you said at the Warlord Bardic when you 

performed a piece that essentially stated that we who play the game 

today are causing the downfall of the SCA "as it used to be". In fact, 

you talked about backstabbing, politics and exhorted those in the 

audience to "rise up" and "change the game". I don't know about you, 

but I like the game just fine the way it is.”


...I was told that many people could not hear me at Warlord’s bardic 

and so you may have misheard me.  I said even then that I wished not to 

harm but to help.  Yes, my piece did speak of some of my perceived 

‘problems.’  I mentioned backstabbing and politics as well as 

indifference and inactivity.  What I did not say was anything about the 

way people play their game.  Anyone is free to play their game as they 

wish to play it.  I have a problem with knights who take advantage of 

new fighters and let as women cart their things and set camp alone as 

they watch.  I have a problem with artisans being told that they might 

as well quit A&S if they wouldn’t play politics.  I’m also tired of 

people telling me that they can’t say what they think for fear of being 

politically and socially snuffed out of their beloved game.  If it is 

wrong to speak against these things then I am greatly confused.  As for 

urging people to “take up the flame and lead us from this night,” don’t 

forget that I also said that “through love, and trust, and unity, a 

kingdom we could be.”  I didn’t ask anyone to rebel against anything 

but the idea, nothing more.  Is it wrong to ask people to look to 

themselves and make sure they are being who they want to be?  


-...As for the statement on the Goliard group, I believe Lord Nobunaga 

has explained that.  I forwarded the message by his request.


-“Really? Many people? How many people from other kingdoms have you 

spoken to about their obvious dissatisfaction with the game? Or is this 

a mere projection of others' opinions?”


...I do not presume to speak for everyone but I do speak for some.  How 

many do you speak for?  As for your question, I have spent a great deal 

of time observing and gathering the opinions of quite a few people in 

our kingdom and even some without.  What would be the point if I was 

the only one?


-“No. That is NOT your intention, as has been stated previously. Your


intention is to cause division in a group that you and your friends, 

for whatever reason, are unhappy about. You are speaking out of both 

sides of your mouth, my lady, and you cannot have it both ways. In my 

personal experience, if you want to change something, you don't shout 

from the rooftops that people are beneath you and are cruel, mean, or 

unworthy. You seek ways to change it from within by being an example 

for all. You don't go around preaching rebellion. And as for the period 

aspect of this little game, let me say that if you were in my Kingdom 

(and yes, even in Japan), your actions would be viewed as treason. Let 

me speak plainly: You and your group are committing treason. Sure, talk 

with those in power about things that YOU (and not others, for you have 

no power to speak for others) feel should be changed. Volunteer to help 

change those aspects of the game. But the way you and your group is 

going about this would be counted as treason. It is a dangerous road 

you tread, my lady, whether this is a game or not.”


...I must now ask you where you get your information, especially on my 

own opinions, wants, and inner motives.  What little you seem to know 

about the Goliard and myself seems to be misinformed and unfounded, 

based on half-truths and miscommunication.  I would ask that you speak 

with me and/or the other Goliard so that you could really understand.  

I have ALWAYS said that I loved Ansteorra and I have ALWAYS done my 

best to see it prosper.  I have never called anyone in the SCA cruel or 

mean, though I have thought and called a few unfair.  I have never said 

that we should rebel against any one group or person, only unfairness.  

The Goliard have been fully supporting the idea of leading by example 

and fully urge everyone to do the same.  


...I am afraid that I must ask you to define our acts of treason 

because I have no idea what you’re talking about.  You see, in China 

(not Japan), the Yu was allowed special judgment on a case to case 

basis and relied heavily on both how entertaining and wise one was, but 

the mood of the judging lord.  If you truly think I’ve been treasonous 

then, by all means, speak with my Baron and even King if you wish but I 

see no harm in what I am doing in encouraging my fellows to do what 

they believe in.  If I so disliked this game as you say I do then why 

would I waste so much money and time on it?  No one could afford that, 

especially me.


-“I beg to differ. The whole purpose of your group is division and 

destruction. I see no constructive ideas on how to change, only that 

you are unhappy and seek to change the game to the way YOU want to play 

it. Last I checked, this was not YOUR game. This is OUR game.”


...I must beg to differ, dear Lady.  You are simply wrong.  You have 

been away for a while and must not be rightly informed.  I never told 

people to change the way they play, only to find their Dream and help 

others find theirs and to speak their ideas without fear of any sort.  

If EVERYONE played my way, nothing would get done let alone enjoyed.


-“I suggest you think long and hard about the whys and manner of how 

you all are going about this. I can guarantee that if you and your 

group continue with this idea of division and rebellion, it will only 

serve to cause more heartache and will not achieve your goal of 



...I’m terribly sorry you feel this way, as I have said before.  You 

are entitled to feel that way but I am entitled to feel the way I do.  



Now with that all said, I am puzzled that you couldn’t share these 

feelings with me when you were so kind to me the other night.  I had no 

idea you felt this way.  Perhaps this whole mess could have been 

avoided with a simple explanation but I think that this is, in the end, 

a good thing really.  I urge everyone to be as passionate as Lady 

Eleanor and speak their minds when they perceive an unjust act has been 

committed as well.  I applaud you for your deep honesty and concern.  I 

also thank you for pointing out how confusing the word ‘war’ is.  We 

feel that it is misleading to many and that we should have chosen more 

wisely when using a word so harsh.  To clarify, there is no war on any 

single person or group, it is a ‘war’ to be ‘fought’ by example, word, 

and heart.



In service to everyone’s Dream,


Yu Xue XianXian

Gypsy Queen of the Miscreants,

Queen of Misrule of the Court of Miracles,

and SPOON 

at Large


“Never judge a man by the gifts he bears.”


-Chinese Proverb




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