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Mon Jun 9 19:47:48 PDT 2008

  Greetings and blessings, 
  I have seen these things myself and have nearly pleaded with people to listen to your ideas and to take up the task but I must say that you have remained ignored and somewhat shunned.  I was shocked at Spring Faire when I was semi-privately informed how careful I should be with Her Grace Willow and how I 'just didn't know her or what she was capable of.  Willow herself has told me some tales of things that shocked her and made her the farthest from proud in the past but now, as she sees her Kingdom and Barony teetering, she only thought to help.  I know her ideas will take some work but I think they might actually be fun.  I have a few we've been tossing around between us for a couple of weeks that sound like a blast.  I'm almost to the point of disgusted by the way she has been treated by some.  I've been angered by it enough that once I even cried.  If Ragnar had been treated like his up north then heads would have rolled but I guess no one has time for the bloody
 MOTHER of ANSTEORRA.  Unfortunately she is right about her losses though.  Some of the brightest sparkling gems can weaken and fail if they are neglected and tossed to the side.  I truly hope that she does not leave for when all the 'shining stars of example' are gone, who will light the way for us then?  I for one loathe to think of such a day. 
  I would also like to point out that Her Grace's words as far as our 'crusade' is concerned are pretty much right on.  Bravo on the excellent delivery, Your Grace!
  As for you, Quill...Don't worry about it.  In the end it was probably good to get it out in the open.  Your accident was well timed, my dear friend.
  In Service to All Dreams,
  Yu Xue XianXian,
  Miscreant "Gypsy Queen,"
  Queen of Misrule of the Court of Miracles,
  Spoon, and
  Goliard at Large
  "If you question nothing, you will know nothing."
  -------------------Previous message---------------------
  Dear Lady Eleanor

While my words last night were impassioned and strong, I will not
apologize for them. I do not take kindly to people who stir up trouble where
there is none. 

M'Lady you claim there is nothing wrong. You echo the statements of the
establishment for the last five years. I state a few of the things
that refute your statement.

I have lost 39 friends in the last 6 months and over 50 in the last
year. I have another 20 friend that have a foot out the door. They were
people at the height of their SCA careers  The western region was doing
so bad it had to be dissolved. The Steppes and Elfsea are having
problems getting people to do things. I had to listen to post after post on my
peerage list about not wanting to have meetings in the central area
because we were so boring.

You might think this is fine but I don't. 

I would like to clear something up the Crusade of the Goliard is a
Crusade to make people think about the high ideals of Ansteorra and make
people see how they should be applying them to their SCA Life. At this
moment I am not a member and haven't been to a meeting. I do know all of
these people love Ansteorra and are worried about what is happening in
this kingdom. It is sad but many people are afraid to speak their minds
and give their leaders impute that would allow the leaders to fix
problem. The Golieards believe if they speak up other will enter into
discussions with their leadership. Please do not confuse my statement with
the Goliards.

One of things they are trying to do is to show people who are close to
tossing the SCA as a lost clause that there are people who do care
about the grand ideals. I am sorry to say My family and I are a group of
people who are thinking about leaving the SCA. 

When Duke Michael was on the throne and Duke Patrick was the Prince I
got in a conflict with Duke Seamus and Baroness Maggie. The Crown
stepped in and told them that would have to deal with me because I was an
historical icon and then they asked me to promise to be "good". For ten
years I was "good". I went to the leaderships of both Steppes and Elfsea
and asked to do things. The leadership in Elfsea just put me off. When
Baron Fritz became Baron he just could not see the value of  my ideas.
Some of the leadership of Elfsea didn't know I needed a clear cut yes
but some acted like they liked my ideas got my hopes up and then shot
them down. 

What happened because of me being "good". Generations of SCA'ers
watched me go up and ask to do something and be turned down. The question
rose in their minds. If Duchess Willow can't get an idea through the
system how could I?  My being a "good example" only resulted in many things
I promote dieing out and people becoming afraid to volunteer.

Now I would like to address Master Caelin. You and the other leaders in
Elfsea successfully used politics to drive me out and some of you
stated "there was nothing I could do about it". You were right there is
nothing I can do about it but I can make fun of what you did. I don't have
to be "good" about it. The Crown killed the Queen's Bards and the new
system we have is just a loose social organization. Other kingdoms have
reached this situation of having leadership that refused to listen and
stopped all ideas. The natural responds is to do Dark Horde satire.
That is satire that names deeds and people. I think it is sweet of the
Goliards just to want to satire ideas. 

I will leave everyone with a bardic lesson. Do you remember the story
of Sleeping Beauty the oldest version has the "evil" fairy as the 13Th
fairy and she was forgotten. She was not bad she just was left out of
the system. 

Lanphier Taylor\Willow de Wisp 


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