[Northkeep] Speaking Clearly (was: Elfsea Digest, Vol 26, Issue 48)

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Thank you so very much, my lady; both for your words and the eloquent delivery.  People 
  constantly say there is no problem but the more people with the problems speak loud and 
  clearly, the more who will listen.  This is not this barony or that region's problem.  It is 
  everyone's problem either to share, to solve, or both if you like.  Please keep the faith that 
  your words are both welcomed and needed.  
  In Service to All Dreams,

Yu Xue XianXian,
Miscreant "Gypsy Queen,"
Queen of Misrule of the Court of Miracles,
Spoon, and
Goliard at Large

"If you question nothing, you will know nothing."

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Willow mentions asking to be able to help and being turned down. I have
felt this for years in my area, just now starting to change. I have
assisted in teaching a class where all people there were "peers" and
one ever said even "hello, I'm so and so" or thanks for showing them a
craft I have taken the time to learn. I have gone to meetings and been
ignored because I wasn't "playing politics", I have been to small
and been left on the side even though I came to help in any way I
could. I have gone to feasts and offered any assistance needed- told
no, we
have it, but then listened to the same folks complain about not
the help they needed later that same evening. I have only loosely
played and many of you may not know who I am, but that's you fault,
mine. The SCA cannot survive if it hides within its ranks and shuns
future members because they don't know this person or that one.
youselves, show us what you think the ideals we should carry on
are, or they WILL be lost. You speak of honor, but isn't part of that
caring for even your smallest or newest members as well. Step out of
your circle, or invite us in as well. I've brought several new people
events throughout the years, and very few come back because the were
ignored be the very people they came to admire and learn about. I have
been persistant about returning, but not as often as I should, because
until recently, and only by a very small handful( and thank you to
you know who you are and I am gratefull!), have I been made to feel
welcome or wanted in my area. Yet everyone wonders why our ranks are
dwindeling, why things aren't "the way they were". Don't let the star
Ansteorra grow dull!! make thing happen! SHOW honor- SHOW valor- SHOW
chivalry- don't just talk about how it used to be, help bring it
All of us need to fight in this effort, not just a few. Do what you
in your area, instead of complaining about it.Lead by example-
even if you aren't one of our "leaders"- for one day you may be, and
then you will be able to look back and say "I helped keep the dream
  forever in service to my land,
  Lady Tia Svansdottir


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