[Northkeep] somewhat OT, but historical, anyway!

Cpt. Talbot talbaine at hotmail.com
Tue Jun 10 13:23:21 PDT 2008

Lords and Ladies of Northkeep, a moment of your time:
This may sound like a commercial, but bear with me!
As some of you may, or may not, know, I work, mundanely, as a reenactor, for the State of Oklahoma, the Oklahoma Historical Society, at the Pawnee Bill Ranch and Museum. (Just 17 miles from Will Roger's Boy Scout camp, in Cleveland!)
Who was Pawnee Bill? He was a Wild West Showman, he owned the second largest wild west show in history, and at one time, partnered with Buffalo Bill Cody, had the world's LARGEST wild west show.
The last three Saturdays in June (the 14th, 21st, and 28th, this year) we recreate the Wild West Show, as a full scale reenactment, nearly a hundred cast members, not including our horses and livestock, (everything from an american miniature horse, to Halflingers, quarter horses, pintos, and four Clydesdales!)
There will be stuff happening, all day, all three show dates, including: living history reenactors (the Scots of the Old West, a Scottish Wild West Group, being one of them); gunfights; sharpshooters; a medicine man show; blacksmiths; basketweavers; rope makers; Period music, on period instruments; a dutch oven cook; rope twirlers; whip artists; a parade through downtown; an old fahioned sideshow; Vendors, and craftspeople, and all sorts of things!
The site opens at 11am, the parade is at 2pm, the sideshow opens at 5:30pm, the main show starts at 7:30pm, and it's all capped off with fireworks at the end.
The website is http://www.pawneebillranch.com or you can call the Ranch, at (918)762-2513 (my mundane name is Brandon Reid, there's a 50/50 chance that I will Be the one who actually answers, or you can ask for me!) Tickets are available over the phone, or at the Museum/ Box Office, the day of the show. Tickets are only required for the side show and main show (one ticket price to get into both!) Everything else is free to come and see!
That being said, after the unfortunate rainy season, last year, poor ticket sales have prompted discussion of this being the last year we do the show. 
SO... I would encourage anybody looking for something to do, this being the quiet time, locally, eventwise, to come out and experience yet ANOTHER time period! It is a lot of fun, in the last couple of years Facon and Anandi have been to see it, Seamus (Spanky) and his family have made it, Fezzik and his gals have been to the ranch... it's easy to find!
I would LOVE to see y'all come out, and experience one of my OTHER time periods for a while! It's always a LOT of fun!
Lord Brendan Talbot
I now return you to whatever else you were doing. 
Thank you for your time!
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