[Northkeep] Senility has struck! Yet again!

Melissa Long Blevins hlecalais at sbcglobal.net
Fri Jun 13 11:16:34 PDT 2008

  I PROMISE this shall be the very last thank you from Castellan Feast, I promise!  I wasextremely neglectful in that I omitted the name of a person that was so incredibly necessary to the success of the feast.  Honorable Lady Jevon was indispensable to me, as the feast steward, and I am so embarrassed that I did not include her in ANY of my other postings.  She spent long moments tediously rapping bacon around green beans  and basically doing ANYTHING  that I needed her to do. 
   I am very blessed to call her (and so many other folks in the kitchen) my friend.  So it is official, I am senile or the brain squirrel is dying. 
In Service,

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