[Northkeep] sort of OT Saturday fun....(long)

Montega montega at gmail.com
Sat Jun 21 08:52:28 PDT 2008

ok, so I either take the SCA too seriously or you really aren't supposed to
eat pears before bedtime. So... no shit... there I was.....

 All of Northkeep were in what I can only presume was court. There weren't
any thrones. We were all waiting. A harold paraded in these four beings.
They were spindly and had long brown robes on. They didn't have a mouth or
noses. They only had eyes. They were the "powers that be" No one was really
afraid of them or anything. They slowly walked thru the crowd. Morgan was
next to me on one side and Ciana Mcknochard on the other. The being reached
out and touched Morgan and he disappeared in an instant. Carla Screamed at
them for making Morgan disappear, then they went to Angus. "Damn it! He just
got back!" Poof, they touched him and he was gone. Carla was next. The
populace was composed of several people from Ansteorra just like usual. More
than half of them were sent "away" by the powers that be. When they were
done they stood at the front and the herald stood before them and raised his
hands and shouted "Let the games begin!"

  The beings folded in on themselves and disappeared. The ground began to
rumble and suddenly a vast forest was raised before us. We all stood up and
started into the forest. The object of the game was to find your own barony,
shire, etc. In the distance you could hear members shouting their member
name. "Northkeep!" "Namron!" The first group to find all of their members
wins the game.

The forest was like any other enchanted forest I suppose. The trees were so
large that along the way there were some trees that had been turned into
merchant booths. The ground of the forest, however, was cobblestone. In the
merchant area, you could buy anything you needed but it would cost you a
site token from another event that you had been to. Members had to fight
their way past monsters, answer riddles, and weave thru mazes.

I happened upon a house that was your basic old tree. It had lots of rooms.
On the wall of the house there was a huge map of the entire forest. Great!
Well… not so great. It didn't have the "You are here" section. Drat! I did
find bottles of potions and spells and books and pretty much anything you
would want to find. That is until a female Ogre popped out of the wall to
claim what was rightfully hers.

I found Elodie in a cell. I found Ciana trying to kill a monster. I helped
her kill the monster and we freed Elodie. Jeffery came out of no where
wielding a huge sword and singing about honor and glory. We slowly started
to add to our group. Wolfstar had the biggest issue. They were howling
instead of shouting "Wolfstar!" So no one could tell if it was some big
hairy monster or if it was a clan member. We made our way through the forest
killing this and that and talking about these tiny little creatures that
seemed oblivious to our being there.

It was at this point that I was jarred out of sleep by some moron outside
with a leaf blower! Damn it! I want to see how it ends! This was one of the
most vivid dreams I've ever had. Could have rolled credits at the end!

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