[Northkeep] NSTWW

Niewoehner, Hugh Hugh.Niewoehner at flightsafety.com
Mon Jun 23 08:22:33 PDT 2008

NSTWW, minding our own business, tending the fields and vineyards.
Then, along come those bloody shepherds with their wolves and sheep. 
So, like last year, we gathered our weapons and went to drive them away
from our village.  Unlike last year though they'd taught their sheep to
Just when you' d drive off or injure one of the shepherds or wolves a
couple of the sheep would take a chunk out of you.   So we started
slaughtering sheep too.
What's this?  When the dogs or shepherds touch the sheep they come back
to life...Aaaagh!   Zombie sheep!   
They're over-running the village!   Fall back to the next village and
try to help them stem this onslaught.
Hopefully they won't stop and we can rebuild once they've moved on.
After undead sheep what's next?

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