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Wed Jun 25 11:14:04 PDT 2008

For those of you who met him as part of the DH contingent at Gulf War, 
or remember him from the early days of Ansteorra.

Latest word is that these events PROBABLY occur in or near Nashville. I 
will forward any newer data as it arrives.


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At this time I was just given a emergency phone call from Nerak. 
Starhelm and Nerak were driving down the highway when his eyes glazed 
and became fixed. He started to make snoring noises and she was forced 
take the truck out of cruise control, get his foot off the gas pedal, 
get the brakes on. They ended up in the center divider between two 
interstate roads. Of course, she immediately called 911 and they 
I believe they used paddles on him, and I do know they gave him a shot 
of go 
juice. As I write this, both she and him are in route to the hospital 
(no I 
don't know which one) and they are suspecting either a heart attack or 
seizure. This is all the information I have at this time -- keep them 
your thoughts. 
As I get information -- I'll post it 
Jean Paul Pierrepont 

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