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Not the news I hoped to pass on.

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It is a heavy heart that I have to announce that our brother
Starhelm Warlocke is gone.

According to Nerak, when he collapsed at the wheel of their truck and 
took over, he was already gone.  There was nothing they could do to 
him back. Something broke loose in within his heart as far as they can 
without an autopsy at this time.  At this time she is in the process of
getting donors for his organs so even in death, he will go on doing the 
work he always did.

 I have no further information, he was on active duty and that will help
somewhat. At this time Nerak is helpless as she has no idea what to do.
Mike worked for both Bell Telephone and the U.S. Army.  She is not sure 
this point which way to turn.  She says to contact her via Mike's cell 
or her own.

Obviously -- pass the word along to all his friends and family.

Feeling my heart tear apart again
trying to figure a way to help more

Jean Paul Pierrepont

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