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I believe that milady Amy took one break during the day... to serve feast. More kudos to a person jumping into service with both feet.
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This weekend was full of pleasant surprises and unexpected activity as many of us worked to put together the things necessary to celebrate Mistress Elizabetta's elevation.  I found myself in an "Iron Dressmaker" sort of situation, needing to complete and decorate a gown in only a few hours.  Not an impossible task, but it promised to be a stressful one and a race to the finish:

Until Sir Angus and Lady Ciana offered the use of their accommodations in the Administrative Building so that I could have proper light, tables, and a good fan to keep me cool.
And Mistress Maggie brought me a sewing machine.
And numerous people stopped to make sure I had plenty to drink and eat.
And more people than I can count asked if I needed supplies.
And others ran to let Elizabetta know when I needed her for fittings.
And HL Elizabeth was graciously understanding when I wasn't able to assist with serving feast because I was sewing on trim.

And one person in particular stood out:  a lady named Amy, who had attended her first SCA meeting last week at fighter practice, went home and made a gown, and then came to Castellan.  For her first event, she chose to spend her whole day with me, helping me sew the dress and make the necessary alterations.

Because of all these people, the load was lighter and the stress was lessened.

Because of milady Amy, I did not have to sit alone while I worked, and did not have to rush to complete the job.

Thank you all.


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