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Speaking of Heralds....

When the time came to call the heavy list on Saturday morning, I had so many volunteers to assist that I can't begin to name them all.  Finally, as the tourney began, myself and one other began the task of keeping the numbers straight in the meat-grinder.  The second person was Michelle.  This was her 3rd event, her 2nd camping, and her first time to EVER HERALD ANYTHING.  She did a phenomenal job and I want to personally thank her...for being brave enough to try this, for being strong enough to get through all three rounds, and for being herself enough to have such fun doing it.  Michelle, I thank you... 



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 Oh man I knew I was going to FORGET people
The HEARLDS!!! Thank you so muc Kevin and his crew!! 

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I wanted to thank all of the people who helped me serve feast.? I always love serving feast, and having those that would cater to my (and Elizabeths) ideas of ths dancing was a great joy. 
Thanks to Ly Olivia, for being my co-in charge feast server!
Also to Jean Paul, Abby, Rikr, Aelfyn, Zahava, Alya, Danni, Pete, Aline, Amy (her first event!), HE MIchelle, Dhonodain, Krystal, Ulirch, Don Timothy and Donya Teresa.??
Also to Elanor and Allysan for being in charge of drinks.
Also, special?thanks to my smaller helpers; Alex, Nikki, ?Caer and Kate.
A big hearty Thanks! to the Merry Musicians of Mooneschadowe (with special guests Caolntir)!? WIthout them, there would have been no dancing. Without dancing, I dont believe that it would have been nearly as much fun.? 

And Finally, thanks to HL Elizabeth for asking me to help.? I am a better person for having known her (and certianly better fed!!!) 

My heart is bursting with happiness!
Adena Terricsdotter 
Since I had a list, I really do believe that this is everyone, but any omissions are my fault, and it does not negate the help that was given. 
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