[Northkeep] A Thank You from Castellan

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Thu Jun 5 14:05:09 PDT 2008

I'd like to thank the hundred or so people who helped me pull things together at Castellan; more people than I can count offered assistance and support, checked on me throughout the day, brought me water, ran round so I didn't have to and/or donated food for the party.  Not only is Northkeep awesome, but we also have awesome friends & neighbors.
Special thanks go to those who ran back to my house in Northkeep (and the shops and the shed); to Aline, who ran back to Moonschadowe to break into people's houses (with permission) and to many shops on the great herring hunt; to Talana & Aline's friend Amy for giving up their day to sew for me and to Ciana and Angus for letting us invade; to Magdelaina for the beautiful book & for coordinating food & drink; to Stacia & Tarl, Gilyan & JP for the beautiful regalia and for your support in a hundred things; to their Excellencies for their support; to those who spoke for me because you have all inspired me to be my best; to Kevin & Ettienne for extemporaneous Heraldry; to the members of my escort, all of whom have given their aid and their support for years, with special thanks to Keigan, Terese & Ayla for wrangling the children; and to Her Majesty for accomodating me in everything I wanted to do, including inviting an awesome number of children into Her Court.
I apologize profusely to the person that I have undoubtedly omitted.  It doesn't mean you are less appreciated, just that it was a busy day and I've still not completely regained my equalibrium.
Mst. Elisabeta
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