[Northkeep] Elfsea Digest, Vol 26, Issue 48

rene chaisson renechaisson at yahoo.com
Tue Jun 10 09:21:48 PDT 2008

My Baron, you and your Lady have shown me nothing but kindness and encouragement, that's why I am becoming more active and I thank you for the advice and opportunities you have made sure I knew about in our area!!

Jerry and Teresa Herring <j.t.herring at sbcglobal.net> wrote:  Lady Tia,
I do hope that in our time as Baron and Baroness of Northkeep that we have 
to you and others stood as good examples of making everyone feel welcomed, 
and to feel a part of these lands and this game. It is important to us that 
you and others do feel a part of Northkeep and that you feel welcomed here. 
If we have in some way failed to acomplish this then we welcome you or any 
such slighted individual to please come and sit with us to talk through the 
troubles and hopefully end in a better place.

As a very wise man once said to me..."today we might play your game, 
tomorrow we might play mine, and the day after some one elses, the important 
thing is that we are all playing together". And what is the most important 
part about playing anything? That we play well with others and have fun 
while we do so!


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