[Northkeep] Kahlua fudge (was what Lady Tia said (was the elfsea thingy))

zubeydah at northkeep.org zubeydah at northkeep.org
Tue Jun 10 14:11:39 PDT 2008

Quoting "Cpt. Talbot" <talbaine at hotmail.com>:
> NO! it's the devil! the DEVIL, I tells ya!
> ok, I'm lying, pretty much any historical reference to Ambrosia, or food of
> the gods, you can read also as, "Zubeydah's Fudge".
> Seriously. Try it. It works.
> Speaking of, Zubeydah, when will you be making another batch? (Batting
> eyelashes, coquettishly...)
> :D
> -Talbot

*grin* *curtsey* Well, thanks, ya'll, for the compliments.   I haven't made any 
in a while, since we're still very much in the process of getting ourselves 
unburied from the sea of boxes that fill our new house (we're now on the west 
side of Tulsa - Abe's a 5th generation west sider, and it brings us neighbors-
close to his family). 

I have been strongly considering starting fundraising NOW for next year's gulf 
wars waterbearing (I wanna top the $600+ we raised last year) and next year's 
Young Ladies Salon at Castellan, so I might just have to bring the Sweets Shop 
to a fighter practice near you, and soon...  :)

I'd love some feedback on the prices that I've offered the fudge & brownies for 
in the past: $15.00 for a 'small' pan (approximately 15 pieces) and $20.00 for 
a large pan (approximately 25 pieces).  Does that price structure still seem 

- Zubeydah

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