[Northkeep] Lostowner here (part 2)

Marc Carlson marccarlson20 at hotmail.com
Wed Jun 11 07:08:24 PDT 2008

Ok, I need to be more explicit here, since I have received I have received several emails that made it clear that I was less clear in my motives than I might have been.  It occurs to me this might have something to do with not explaining my basic position for running this list in some time (I think
the last time I did was during the Vicarage). I did not move the list to
moderation to block Yu Xue XianXian from stirring things up, I did it because a)
I really hate mass crossposting – which has apparently been dealt with)  and b) I think there is a higher than
acceptable risk of someone on the list flaming these folks for their approach.I do not penalize people for having unpopular opinions
(since that would be pretty hypocritical of me), or for not agreeing with
me.  I do, however, have certain
expectations for behavior.

These expectations are:

rumors.  If you accuse someone of
something, I want proof.  Real proof, not
innuendo.  If you want to accuse Lord
this and that of being naughty, you better be ready to post sufficient evidence
to be supported in a mundane court - otherwise, it’s an opinion (an aside, if
you want to post that it’s your opinion that Lord this and that has been
naughty – that’s just fine with me.  If
you can’t work out the nuances between the two situations, then you should
probably not take the risk).

            No gross
flaming.  As the biggest flamer on this
list, I am frustrated that I can’t do it on a list I am in charge of – if I can’t
do it, no one else can either. 
Disagreement, strident argument – those are ok. 

            No signing
the list up to joke lists or spam.  This
wasn’t actually on the original list, but since it’s the only reason anyone has
ever been unsubscribed from this list, I figured I should include it.

posts, as long as they even vaguely relate to the Northkeep community will be
tolerated until I start getting complaints about it, and then I will ask you to
stop.  Direct business messages and
flagrant advertising threaten the whole “not for profit thing”.  If you aren’t sure, ask me – that way if
anyone gets into trouble it will be me.

already addressed cross-posting.  I don’t
care for it, but I will tolerate it up to a point as sometimes it’s necessary.

That’s it.  If you
object to any of those please feel free to contact me.  If you think I am being mean to you, or feel
that I am infringing on your right of free expression, please contact the
Seneschal and/or the Baron and Baroness.


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