[Northkeep] In need of assistance

facon at cox.net facon at cox.net
Sun Jun 15 13:47:50 PDT 2008

Greetings unto the populous,

I am writing because I need a small favor(or at least I hope it is small).  I just got my jeep back from the repair shop in Muskogee where it had its back brake pads replaced, unfortunately my mother whom drove it up to me did not notice until she got here that apparently the right back brake is set too tight, it was very hot and there was a smell of rubber, we are not sure if the brake is too tight or what.  I have not gotten to drive it yet so I am not sure exactly what is up, I am going off the estimation of my mothers boyfriend(not a mechanic)  So if anyone would know what to look for and perhaps know how to loosen it is it is too tight I would appreciate if you could contact me at facon at cox.net or 918-361-9817

Thank you much,


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