[Northkeep] Grub and Garb

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Wed Jun 25 13:06:41 PDT 2008

There will be fighting tonight, as a matter of fact I believe we are 
having a small mock tourney tonight.  Bring food to share, there is a 
cooking contest, theme this month is saffron, and feast gear is good 
though I usually bring paper plates.

It all starts at the usual time we just sort of eat and then practice.  
Lots of other stuff going on as well I hope.  I don't know about anyone 
else but I am planning to make carbonara to bring and possibly cake.  
We all just sort of bring whatever.  I know lots of times Becky bring 
ham and beans with cornbread.  Just what ever you want to share or have 
time to grab. ;p

See you there


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For some reason, I thought Grub and Garb was tomorrow night.  Not having
attended before, I was wondering what happens.  In other words, is that
actual fighting practice curtailed or even non-existent?  I assume I
should arrive in Garb with feast gear and food to share.  Has there been
any food coordination, allowing anyone to make a recommendation of what 
should stop and buy on the way?

My apologies for not paying enough attention to this - I know there has
more than enough information on the list that I should know all these
answers by now.

  Miles Grey

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