[Northkeep] Grub N Garb a Success!

Jerry and Teresa Herring j.t.herring at sbcglobal.net
Wed Jun 25 22:52:42 PDT 2008

We do not think that there are any words that could describe exactly how 
awesome tonight or any Wednesday night in Northkeep really is. Tonight there 
were three knights (None of them were from Northkeep), six Centurions, and 
six unranked fighters. There was a rapier fight on an actual bridge in the 
park, Bardic, Arts and Sciences, Heraldry, and such good friendly company. 
The Grub and Garb sessions have been growing for the last two years and now 
with the VFW hall as home it has hit an all time new high. The last 
Wednesday of the month really is a wonderful experience. They remind me of a 
Saturday practice in the park from 20 years ago when the legends of the SCA 
walked among us as mortals and learned the things that made them the legends 
they are today.

As Baron and Baroness of Northkeep we would like to extend an open 
invitation to all of our friends and neighbors all across the Kingdom of 
Ansteorra and beyond welcoming them to visit Northkeep's next Grub and Garb 
to share with us in this little piece of the dream.

Ian and Kelandra
Baron and Baroness of Northkeep
Lord and Lady of Chemin Noir 

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