[Northkeep] Swap: Tools & Camping Gear for W&D, computer

peterschorn at pdq.net peterschorn at pdq.net
Wed Mar 19 16:54:46 PDT 2008


	Greetings, and please forgive the mundanity of this post. 

	I have some lightly-used, good-quality camping gear and woodworking
tools that might be very useful to SCA folks.  I could sell them on
E-bay but I’d rather trade any or all of them for a used clothes
washer and/or dryer in good working condition and/or a good used
laptop/PC with keyboard and monitor (have printer). 

	The tools (would be ideal for SCA woodworker/siege engineer): 

	1) Milwaukee reciprocating saw (“sawzall” type) 

	2) Rigid brand 14-inch chop saw.  All instructions included. 

	3) drywall screwgun (put it up against the sheetrock, pull the
trigger, and the screw goes in—screws are held in a plastic “ammo
chain”), plus 2 buckets of screws in plastic “ammo chains.” 

	4) Rigid brand rollaround canister shop vac. 

	5) Large steel rollaround toolbox, red, with side-extender, many
deep drawers 

	The camping gear (would make a good camp kitchen for an SCA

	1) 10’ x 10’ popup shelter, steel frame, blue plastic canopy, in
tote bag. 

	2) Folding kitchen table/stove platform, storage space, utensil
rack, washbasin built in.  Hold up to a 3-burner stove.  Used twice,
very solid.  Includes storage bag. 

	3) Steel firepit grill & roasting spit combo.  Used once.  Great if
site permits open fires. 

	4) Firebowl & stand.  Used once at Gulf Wars.  Too big & heavy for
my needs, but again, great for a household.  Add a grill & you can
cook over it. 
	I am currently without a computer at home (due to a burglary while I
was at Gulf Wars), so if you’re interested, or would simply like
more info, please call my cell phone at 661-733-8518. 


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