[Northkeep] Medfair Reminder

Siren Song sirensong13 at yahoo.com
Tue Mar 25 10:02:31 PDT 2008

For those whom plan to attend medfair and assist with the demo, bellow is a missive from Lady Una in regards to the food tent for the workers. Some changes have been made this year.
Also, anyone who has any food donations or would like to work in the food tent please contact Lady Una at a_silverswan at yahoo.com

Silver Swan <a_silverswan at yahoo.com> wrote:

                             As Med Fair approaches we want to remind those working the demo to be sure to bring  their feast gear and mugs we are not  using paper this year out side of the Tent..  
There will be dish pans out side tent on table to wash them if you wish to due to the fact its out side the water will be warmed by mother nature.
There will be a couple tables and chairs setting out side if you care to use them also a Gott of water  for those with out tokens for food tent.
This year only ones with food token sticks or drink coins will be admitted to the tent , there will be someone at door to collect food tokens and check drink tokens.
The rule on children remains children can only come in with a parent.
And there will be no smoking in the food tent.
There will be 3 people around the list field area to get food and drink tokens from which they will give freely to those working or participating in the demos only.
Thank you to all wh have donated food  and time to make this work.

Lady Una Carleton 
Minister of Arts and Sciences
The Canton Skorrgardr 
Mother of Lady Siobhan ingean Tigernaich
House of Cynrede Spîritus


Lady Siobhan ingenTigernaich
House of Cynrede Spîritus
Seneschal, Canton of Skorragardr
Nordsteorra, Kingdom of Ansteorra
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