[Northkeep] Grub 'N Garb Cooking Competition

Emily Minier Emily.Minier at DTAG.Com
Thu Mar 27 08:31:25 PDT 2008

Unto the populace do I send greetings.
I would like to announce that the winner of last night's GNG cooking competition was a 14-year-old.  Her name is Allysan.  She prepared Chawettys (small meat pies) made with pork, dates, and eggs.  Her recipe was from Harleain MS 279.  Her documentation was gorgeous (for a 14-yr-old).
It was reported, by some of the people who were lucky enough to enjoy these tasty treats, that the Chawettys were the lightest pâté pies made in quite some time.  And that the texture of her pies was exactly what the recipe writers had in mind for this type of dish.
Please join me in congratulating this young cook!
Lady Adalia VonderBerg

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