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Guten Tag,

OK...Alban once again has a set of DVD's ready for distribution. 

These have a particular interest to me and I suspect there are others on this list who may find them of curiosity it nothing else.
Yes, at least 2 of them are in German (and I need a translation of at least one of these books) but having the texts to examine is pretty cool.


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Date:    Thu, 27 Mar 2008 12:21:26 -0500
>From:    Ted Eisenstein <alban at socket.net>
Subject: cookbooks

I posted a message a month? two months? ago about a set of cookbooks and
herbal recipes and distillation stuff that would shortly appear on DVD.
....well, I've finished the project, and I should be copying the DVD this afternoon
for everyone who requested a copy. (...and may Heaven prevent me from ever again
promising things that take way longer to finish than I'd expected!)

This set of books includes:
A Booke of the Arte and Maner how to Plant and Graffe all sortes of Trees, how to set 
Stones and sowe Pepins, to make wilde Trees to Graffe on, as also remedies and 

The newe iewell of health : wherein is contayned the most excellent secretes of 
phisicke and philosophie, deuided into fower bookes, in the which are the best 
approued remedies for the diseases as well inwarde as outwarde, of all the partes 
of mans bodie : treating very amplye of all dystillations of waters, of oyles, balmes, 
quintessences, with the extraction of artificiall saltes, the vse and preparation of 
antimonie, and potable gold / gathered out of the best and most approved authors, 
by that excellent Doctor Gesnerus ; also the pictures, and maner to make the 
vessels, furnaces, and other instrumentes there unto belonging

Examen omnium electuariorum (a pharmacopoeia by Brasavola, printed together with....)

Morborum internorum prope omnium curatio (a book of curse by Dubois; the combined
edition was printed in 1548, but I've digitized them separately)

Grundliche und Nutze...Beschreibung der Weinhawer und Byerbrewer Practickl und det 
gantzen Kellermeistery Kunst  (1581, "extensive early work on the manufacture of wine 
and beer. It records the author's experience in the winery, in the brewery and in the fields. 
He describes planting, fertilizing, pruning, harvesting, crushing, vinifying and barreling grapes. 
He identifies varietal differences and how to correct or eliminate off tastes, colors, textures and 
odors. He similarly addresses brewing light and dark beer - from selecting the grains and 
hops to fermenting and aging the beverage. He explores medicinal uses of particular wines 
and beers, and lastly sets down three dozen recipes for brandies and some for spiced wines 
and beers. He offers asides on plant diseases, pestiferous insects, the secondary uses of 
must and mash and on cooking with wine.")

Spiegel der astzney...durch...Othonem Brunfelß...gebesert (1532, "an alphabetic dictionary 
of standard pharmaceuticals and chapters on beer, wines, meat, cheese, herbs, fish, milk, 
spices, pregnancy, childbirth, hair care and poisons.")

I had expected to include a 16th-Century French recipe and household-accounts book but it's
too long for it to fit on the DVD with everything else - and too fragile to hurry the photography.
I figured, send out the stuff I have now, and the _really_ good stuff can wait for a while.

The usual rules apply: anyone wanting a DVD, they're free, all I need is a postal address, and
this message can be cross-posted anywhere it might be useful.


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