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Susan Adkins susanmomof2 at sbcglobal.net
Sat Mar 29 18:38:10 PDT 2008

Just wanted to share info for the fiber artists. A friend and fellow fiber artist is selling fleeces from her sheep. Her name is Claudia and her email is dragonhill2 at netzero.net.

Lady Agnese

We have some very nice, professionally shorn 
Navajo-Churro fleeces to offer.  Fleeces are heavily skirted and low in vm 
unless otherwise noted. Some of the young wethers are particularly bad to climb 
up in the hay feeders to play. Their fleeces are discounted.  There is, 
unfortunately, sun-bleaching of the tips of all fleeces.
Lamb fleeces:
Nana--Red Mesa brown, 2 lb 1 oz, 3" staple. $9/lb  Total price=$18.56.
Angel--White, 2 lb 4 oz, 4-5" staple. $9/lb. Total price=$20.24.
Molly--Black, 2 lb 13 oz, 3" staple.  $ll/lb. Total price=$30.97.
#23wether--Red Mesa brown (vm), 2 lb 7 oz, 3" staple. $9/lb. Total price=21.92-10%=$19.73.
#28ram lamb--Black (vm), 2 lb 4 oz, 4.5" staple. $9/lb. Total price=$20.24-10%=$18.22.
#22wether--Brown (vm), 3 lb 3 oz, 4.5" staple. $7.50/lb. Total price=$23.91.
#2wether--Black (vm), 2 lb  oz, 2.5-3" staple. $9/lb. Total cost=$21.92-10%=$19.73.
#25wether--Red Mesa brown (vm),  3 lb 2 oz, 3" staple. $9/lb. Total cost=$28.12-10%=$25.31.
Calico--white, dark brown and tan (vm), 1 lb 10 oz, 
3" staple. $8/lb. Total price=$13.00.
Our ewes:
Daisy--White, 3 lb 14 oz, 5-6" staple. This is a wonderful, lustrous fleece that takes dye beautifully.  $9/lb.  Total price=$35.18.
Silver--Jaspered black. 2 lb 12 oz. 3" staple. Silver is past her prime for wool production but her fleece this year is still beautiful.  As usual, it has an almost bluish luster to it. Discounted due to her age to $9/lb. Total price=$24.72.
Dotcom--suffolk white. 2 lb 13 oz. Ok, so Dot is actually a Suffolk. Don't tell her--she thinks everyone else is just having a bad hair day.  We offer her fleece  for anyone who might have project for which they could use a Suffolk fleece.  $6/lb.  Total price=$16.94.
Turtle--Black & tan, lightly jaspered, 5 lb 2 oz. 7-8" staple. Tho' shes technically a black & tan you get all black fleece with light jaspering, because the tan fleece gets skirted out.  This is a gorgeous fleece, unbelievably thick and luxurious. This is a prime, hand-spinning fleece.  $18/lb. Total price=$92.94.
Princess--Jaspered black (vm), 4 lb 7oz, 7" staple. This is Turtle's older half sister.  They were born to our best and dearest ewe, Amber who lived to a pampered 13 years.  This is another great fleece but Princess is a bit of a hooligan and collected rather a bit more vm than usual.  Our loss is your gain.  $15/lb.  Total price= $66.58.
Sage--Light brown, gray underneath, 3 lb 5 oz, 3.5- 4" staple. Sage is another of our ewes who is just passing her prime wool production years but her fleece is still sweet to work with.  $9/lb.  Total price=$29.80.
Tulip--Lightly jaspered black, 4 lb 3 oz. 3.5-4" staple. A lovely fleece from one of our young girls.  $12/lb.  Total price=$50.25.
Tootsie-Roll--Jaspered brown, 3 lbs 13 oz, 3.5- 4" staple. Another promising young ewe and a very rare color. Honestly tho', I didn't name her!  $12/lb.  Total price=$45.75.
Sierra--Black, 3 lbs. 8 oz,  3.5" staple.  Lovely, pure black.  $12/lb.  Total price=$42.00.
Repo--Red Mesa brown, 3 lbs, 6 oz., 2.5" staple. Repo got her name when we sold her last year to a woman and told her she could pay her out.  After 6 months we hadn't heard a word so we went to check on her. We found her with a tiny lamb at her side, nothing but skin and bones, no pasture and a bale of something I wouldn't have graced with the word "hay" ;so we loaded her and her lamb, and the ram she'd been bred to, which was also ours and had never been payed for, all up and brought them home.  The ram and lamb have gone to good homes and Repo stays here. She's still putting a lot of her growth into body, not fleece, hence the short staple but the fiber seems strong.  We've discounted the fleece due to the short staple. $9/lb. Total price=$30.36.
Our rams:
Chaco--Jaspered black, 4 lb. 13 oz, 3.5-4" staple. Chaco is our senior ram. If you ever wanted to try your hand at cord making this would be a good fleece to provide materials. The long outer coat of Chaco's fleece is easily, if somewhat tediously plucked, giving you the materials for braiding cord or rope.  These long fibers are easily 8 to 9 inches long and  amazingly strong.  Once they are plucked out, you are still left with the soft, beautiful undercoat for spinning.  $10/lb. Total price=$48.19.
Utah--Jaspered brown, 6 lbs. 4" staple. Utah's fleece has the same extra long outer coat that would be good to pluck for cord making.  His fleece is a bit harsher but it is a good sturdy rug wool.  $10/lb.  Total price=$60.00.
And finally,
Pan--white Angora, 4 lbs. 9 oz.  Pan is our only Angora goat.  He was originally supposed to be a companion to our only milk goat. That was when we only had a couple of sheep and one goat. Now I always hope I might get all my other work done before Pan's fleece sells so I can have time to work with it.  $8/lb. Total price=$36.50.

  Susan mom to Carl and Brigetta wife to Marc  

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