[Northkeep] Checking In

Lady Catin lady_catin at yahoo.com
Tue Mar 18 06:13:44 PDT 2008

As one of those unfortunate few, who either could not go due to money or time off from work, I am very happy to see all our friends and family home safely, and (more or less) in one (maybe bruised?) piece.  
  It is sad to me that I am, and have been, unable to attend this and other Gulf Wars, but it will happen again.  I love hearing the stories.  Some things, alas, are not meant to be, which in no way cheapens the experience, merely changes its form.  I, too, am eagerly looking forward to the wonderful (and ocassionally outlandish) stories that come from a gathering of so many friends from across the known world.  
  For those who made it safely, welcome home - we kept the hearth fires burning for you, and our home lands safe.  For those still traveling - come home soon.  We will leave a candle in the window to light your way.
  In Service to a Dream of my own,

In ancient times, cats were worshipped as gods. They have never forgotten this. - Terry Pratchett
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