[Northkeep] Fw: where is grub n garb?

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That is completly understandable.  But you did miss a fine time.  I heard the meat contest was excellent and a hard choice with so many good entries as well as splended documentation.  At my last count we had 11 heavy fighters; 2 light fighters and a total of 39 total showing up. Fun was had by all.  Among the heavies was our own Balvin and JP and Pete showed up from Moonshadow for some fun as well.  I hope all has eased at your house and we will see you next time.  
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Good Folk of Northkeep,
Kelandra and I must offer our apologies for missing the Grub and Garb. 
Kelandra has come home after a very long and difficult day at work, she is 
in need of some serious down time and I am going to attempt to help make 
that happen as best I can. I hope you understand. It is our most sincere 
wish that the evening of fun, friends, and food at Grub and Garb goes well.


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