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The Barony of Northkeep <northkeep at ansteorra.org>;  Is  an official part of 
the Barony.

NorthkeepFighters at yahoogroups.com  is not. This is a private list used by 
some of the Northkeep Heavy fighters to  discuss any number of SCA and NON SCA 
Topics. Any discussion of UN-OFFICIAL  practices should be kept off of the 
OFFICIAL list. Any discussion on an  OFFICIAL List has the apperance of 

If there are any  HEAVY Fighters that wish to be on the UN-OFFICIAL Northkeep 
Fighters List.  Please contact the list administrator.

Just being overly  Seneschally

Angus MacKnochard CSS  LXVIII

Thorgrim posting from Sigen's account.
D..N  Sure glad I didn't post anything here!
You're doing a fine job of being Seneschally.
Take care, brother.
"Stimpy!  You sick leeetle monkey!"  -Ren Hoak 

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