[Northkeep] Thank You

Steven Copley steven at stevencopley.com
Fri May 30 07:47:17 PDT 2008

To all-

I have been in the SCA for just over a year with Castellan in 2007  
being my first event.  I also have gone to Moonshadow's Triumph and  
Wiesenfuer's Baronial and a few other things here and there.  I have  
been on this list for nearly 9 months but never responded for some  
reason. A few years ago, Arthur Blackmoon got Robin and Maryanne of  
Northkeep to join the SCA and Robin's son in law is my best friend,  
Douglas MacGriffin (his son is Avery O'Griffin).  So thanks to  
Douglas, Robin and Arthur for getting me into the SCA, I am loving it.  
  I play a roman centurion and am still working out the exact period.

I have been working on my roman armor for about six months now and am  
nearly complete.  I am currently lacking better knees/legs and  
vambraces (which should be complete within a month) and sword, shield  
and Helmet.  The sword/shield/helmet I anticipate being made/bought  
within 2 months.  I have completed a nearly full set of Leather Armor  
including Gorget, Lorica Segmentata, Gladiator-style skirt and Arm  

I wanted to write a thank you note to a few of the people who have  
helped me over the last few weeks prepare for fighting.  I really  
appreciate all of the helpful advice and care you have shown me by  
talking to me about armoring, fighting and other things.  I met most  
of the people at fighter practice the last few weeks that have helped  
me, fought me and taught me a few things and I am grateful.  I know I  
am forgetting a few of their names but a few are: Nick, William,  
Morgan, Evan, Ian, Ulric, Angus, JP and others.  Also, and mostly  
thanks to:

Ulf- You rock!  Thanks for loaning me my missing pieces and for  
helping me with all the advice.

Ungus- Thank you for the advice and help with my armor padding.  I  
look forward to learning some armoring with you  when you open your  

So, I hope to see all of you at Castellan again and look forward to  
fighting with you, shooting archery and feasting.  Thanks so much!


In the Mundane world, I am Steven Copley, Computer Geek extraordinaire!


Steven Copley

steven at stevencopley.com

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