[Northkeep] Fighter Practice

Jerry and Teresa Herring j.t.herring at sbcglobal.net
Thu May 1 12:02:23 PDT 2008

I too noted the problems that Centurion Angus speaks of from last night and 
I agree with Angus Gunn. Please if you come to the practice take the time to 
clean up a little before you leave. If we all share in the fun lets share in 
the work too, and be richer for the sharing. This can be as simple as wiping 
down tables, stacking chairs, sweeping, mopping, or cleaning bathrooms.

Also the issue with the kids involved some potential irreplaceable items 
that are memorabilia from the VFW (nothing was broken this time). That means 
if they go to the back room make sure YOU go with them. This does not mean 
we do not want them at practice nor does it mean we do not want them to have 
fun...we just want the play to be safe and not a hazard to the items in the 
hall. Please if you bring your children keep them where YOU can see them. 
Your children are your responsibility.

Remember this is your Barony and your SCA too so any good you do reflects 
well on you and us all, the same goes for any bad.


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