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also, on a side note to the Walmart comment, I work part-time for Walmart pharmacy...I get the 10% discount. And yes, that is now on *some* (tho not all, and not clear, so its hit & miss) grocery items. If wanted, Im willing to get together with ppl & make a big store run,  swipe the card & let it go. I know its not 

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Thank you for pointing that out.  I put the "disclaimer" at the bottom of the page but it may be too far down to be seen!  Thanks again
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If you go to Walmart, the cost of non stick spray is approximately 1.50 per 8 ox can.

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Just wanted to clarify a bit since I just got off the phone with Elizabeth. 
She forgot to mention that these are not the amounts needed, necessarily. 
These are the package sizes and prices available at Sam's Club, for the most 
part.  If you want to make sure that you are getting enough of something, 
please feel free to give her a call for specifics.
Also Meryn's name should be on the green beans, not on the cauliflower.
And the raisins, garlic, italian seasoning, rosemary and vanilla have been 


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