[Northkeep] Rapier Practice

kevinkeary at aol.com kevinkeary at aol.com
Wed May 7 14:42:06 PDT 2008

Keigan here on Kev's account today.  I'm afraid that I'm not going to 
be able to make practice tonight for any length of time, if at all,  
due to some family obligations that have unexpectedly come up.  Facon 
also will not be there due to circumstances beyond his control, so 
there will be no official practice tonight.  I do encourage any light 
weapons fighters who do come to practice to please do your part to help 
clean the halls tonight.  I know our turn out will probably be small 
this time but I would like to think our impact will still be just as 
significant as if there were many of us there.

Anyone who was coming out for boffer should contact Ldy Gisela to make 
sure she knows that there is intrest and that she should be there as 
Facon will not.

Looking forward to seeing everyone next week and I'm sorry to have to 
miss this week.

Keigan of Ravensfaire
Rapier Marshall
Barony of Northkeep 

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