[Northkeep] Rennet?

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Thu May 8 07:02:17 PDT 2008

You should be able to buy it at most grocery stores.  The last I bought 
was at Reasor's, over near the bakery.  I know that is an odd place but 
that is where it was.  I have bought it at Wal-Mart before as well, and 
have seen it at Warehouse Market.  I'm sure that you could probably get 
it at places like Akin's as well.  Most places it won't be in the 
bakery department tho. ;p  I'd check in the aisle with the canning 
supplies or ask a manager.

Hope this helps

lurking on Kevin's account again

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Has anyone else noticed that you sound like you should be at Namron
Beltain when you say that word?  "Rennet.  Rennet.  Rennet."  Where IS
that frong?

Sorry - the *real* purpose for this message is to ask if anyone knows
where you can get rennet.  I've found several places online, but I have
something I want to try and just don't want to wait for an order to 
by mail.  Is rennet available at normal stores of any kind?  Perhaps a
regular grocery store?  See, I got an idea when I found this recipe for 
. . oops.  I'm not telling.  It might suck anyway.  But if it doesn't,
Grub & Garb is coming soon enough.  Woo Hoo!

So: Rennet, where can it be found?  Only online?

  Miles Grey

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