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Alorica is hiring at 81st and Lewis. If you need additional infor mail me off list at Fezz396707 at yahoo.com

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Greetings all!

Sorry to be off topic but I am new in Northkeep, having only been here a
few weeks, and I am looking for gainful employment. Our good Baron suggested
I might put out the call for help. I have a office/management background,
but can me taught new tricks, and would love to have something that is SCA
schedule friendly. I am in the Owasso area and would hope not to travel too
far with today's gas prices as I drive the typical SCAdian U-boat, tee hee.
I have looked on the big job web-sites, Monster, Careerbuilder and
craigslist but if anyone out there has any leads I would love to hear from
you! Thanks for allowing the interruption.
Now back to your regularly scheduled programmes.
Thanks again,
Lady Augustina Elizabetta da San Germano
mka Tina Michael

Any day above ground is a good day!
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