[Northkeep] Two things (one of them at least)

Miles Grey Kahn at West-Point.org
Wed May 28 10:23:48 PDT 2008

Aline Swynbrook wrote:
> 1) I am bringing a newcomer to GNG and Castellan, and I am short a belt
> for her (she has made a gown for this weekend).  Does someone have one I
> could borrow for her for this weekend?  I have a pouch to go on it.

I won't be at Grub and Garb, so I can't help you there.  But I do have two
belts from Fettered Cock Pewterers.  Both are 3/4" wide.  One is black and
is 65" long.  The other is dark blue and is 70" long.  Each has a pewter
buckle and belt tip, but is completely lacking in decorative belt mounts. 
Neither has been punched for the buckle yet (they're basically brand new).
 I would be willing to loan either for Castellan and punch the appropriate
hole.  The hole eventually be covered by belt mounts.

Note that at 3/4" in width (and corresponding thickness) these aren't the
typical big beefy belts most of use (including me) tend to wear.  I don't
know how well they would stand up to one of the bigger pewter goblets or
mugs hanging from them.  They're definitely not up to holding up a weapon;
nothing bigger than a small dagger or knife.

Let me know if you'll need it.  I'll bring it along to Castellan just in

  Miles Grey

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