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My dad, Stan Rosen, was one... He played a bit at the very very begining. Still reseaching his SCA name (he always joked that he'd tell me before he died, but he didn't). I've got a picture around somewhere with him wearing a propane tank on his head. (He'd been really drunk when he cut it and cut the wrong side-- so the spigot is sticking out of the top of the "helm.") He published several fantasy short stories in the 60's and one in the early 90's but he actually made money writing tech-school electronics textbooks.

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I have to admit I loved the man's books...but REALLY got into
"Thieve's World" stuff.  Went to the library to check them out to re-read.
Guess what...between the time I checked the on-line catalog and when I got
to the library...
Yup, they were gone!  

Have you noticed how many SciFi/Fantasy authors were once SCA'ers?
How many can YOU name?  Extra points for one of Northkeep's own...
of course all the 'oldies' know 'that' one!
There's even a couple of Medieval mystery writers, too.

Aoife...who will read til' she's blind!
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