[Northkeep] Posting issues - jut an FYI

randel lee randelleesmith at yahoo.com
Sun Nov 2 15:06:32 PST 2008

greetings everyone,

as faire of the harvest approaches i am posting the gate shifts to be filled. as well as announcing that there is still room to sign up to help with many of the aspects we all know and love. including set up and tear down, marshalling, heralding, and feast prep and serving. if you would like to sign up to help at this enjoyable event please email me and i will pass the info on to my lovely lady the autocrat.

thank you all for the help you have been thus far, as far as gate goes  

I have one opening Friday from 8 to 10 and then on Saturday i have one opening at 6am-8am and then 2 open at 8 to 10 and then one open at 10-12. Everything else if filled

randel- aka, autocrat helper monkey


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