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      Exiting News!

      One of our most popular middle-weight 100% linen fabric "IL019" are now on Sale!

      IL019 (5.3 ounces a yard) is the golden middle of linen cloth. It is not too heavy and not too light; it is not too bulky, but has a medium body with a thread count of 327; it is woven using medium size thread that is very strong, but by no means stiff.

      Becouse it's middle-weight you can use it to make: 
        a.. Blouses and shirts; 
        b.. Dresses and pants; 
        c.. Tablecloths and bed sheets; 
        d.. Curtains; 
        e.. Your embroidery projetcs; 
      This many choices is what makes IL019 amazing fabric and everybody's favorite.

      For this week, only until Sunday November 9th, randomly selected colors of IL019 are at an additional 10% off.

      Enter here to go directly to the discounted middle-weight 100% linen and save 10%!


      Nikolai Karpushin
      Owner and President

      P.S. Don't forget that with every purchase, you earn points that can be transferred into dollar credit.

      P.P.S. Sign up to receive our Doggie bag alerts and be the first to know when new Doggie bags are posted. These are 1st quality precut pieces of fabric. Since they are precut, you get them at terrific discount. After all, you'd cut them anyways. 

      P.P.P.S If you know someone who will value this information, feel free to forward them this email.

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