[Northkeep] Special Thanks

Tina Michael tinabetta at gmail.com
Mon Nov 24 16:45:19 PST 2008

A big special thank you to James the new guy! He knew that we Ladies were
camped way over in the forest and took the time to come by and visit our
fire and keep us company. He was a great audience and kept vigil with Aderyn
until the fire died down and then in the morning he came by to check and
make sure that we were all O.K. Then, when I found that my car battery had
died and I could not get it started, he very valiantly provided a spark to
get me going again.
 What a nice guy!   We need more fellows like him... Can we keep him? Can we
clone him???

Thanks James! Big smoochies!
Any day above ground is a good day!

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