[Northkeep] Historic Combat class, 7 Dec

Gassion gassion_de_beaumarchais at hotmail.com
Fri Nov 28 16:38:01 PST 2008

For the Historic Combat minded, next Sunday 7 Dec @ 10am, we will be covering an introduction to WMA.  If you caught last years Thanksgiving Holiday session with me, you can expect a similar experience. This year will be discussion on symbolism and interpretation of historic combat documents, comparisons of WMA systems as they parallel and / or diverge from each other, warm-up drills, unarmed takedowns, unarmed defense against the roundel / dagger, and unarmed / armed takedowns against the long sword.

Required equipment will include, roundel / dagger / longsword simulators, a three weapons fencing mask or bar-grilled head protector.

Recommended equipment: Play Clothes (you will be on the ground at some point), athletic cup, female chest protector, sturdy footwear, gloves, neck protection and cold weather garments as necessary.

There will be no full speed sparring or ground fighting, bring protective equipment you feel you may need.

620 Woodland Trail
Greenwood, AR. 72936
(479) 996-0699
(479) 459-0933

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