[Northkeep] Fighter Practice on 29 November

Michael Kahn Kahn at West-Point.org
Sun Nov 30 11:48:30 PST 2008

In response to a request from someone else who was at the awesome 
fighter practice yesterday, I've uploaded a picture of the best of the 
minor bruises I received.  I'm told I might want to consider a taller 

Warning - the photo at the link shows a pretty good view of my big ole 
butt.  This image may not be appropriate for all viewers.  Viewer 
discretion is advised.  Miles is NOT responsible for blindness - 
temporary or permanent - that results from viewing this image of his big 
butt.  You click the link, you take your chances.


Thanks everyone for the awesome practice, especially Centurion Ulf and 
Robyn for having it at their house and to His Grace, Duke Aaron, for 
taking time out of his Thanksgiving weekend to help improve our skills.  
It was great fun!  It also told me that I'm really out of shape.

  Miles Grey

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