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-'Roller' buckles at Tandy. Do y'all have Tandy in Tulsa?
-Naalbinding requires a needle with a big enough eye for the yarn...darning needles with the gentle bend at the end are good...or you can carve out a pop-sickle/craft stick. Check with me at Harvest Faire this weekend.
-What size is appropriate for mead to you? Beer or wine/champagne?

...brick by brick

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So... does anyone know.... 

- where can I get those nifty 'roller' style buckles used on armor?

- Does anyone have HL Debroah's contact info? She gave me her phone # at 
Populace, and then I promptly misplaced it.. :(  I need to talk to her about 
some yarn..

- Does anyone with knowledge of Naalbinding know what sorts of tools / 
implements are required to do such a thing, other than yarn?

- Does anyone know of a local beekeeper that sells locally made honey?

- Does anyone know of an inexpensive source for bottles, of an appropriate size

for mead making? 

Thanks in advance for any help,


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