[Northkeep] Grub -N- Garb and a new comers class

Chris Birdwell angusmgunn at yahoo.com
Mon Sep 22 07:54:34 PDT 2008

Greetings Northkeep,
As Lady Montega says it's time for grub n garb again. Please come out and support the Greatest Barony in the known world. Also, I would like to begin our series of newcomers classes this wed. at practice. The first class will be Welcome to the SCA. This will be a simple overall of who we are and what we do. These classes will continue in conjunction with GnG as long as we have interested new comers. So, if you paint, sew, research, fight or just enjoy the company of friends, I look forward to seeing you at Grub N Garb this week and at practice every Wed. If you have demo ideas or contacts please let me know and remember, we all benefit from recruiting. 
Thank you,
Centurion Angus Gunn
Squire to Sir Cassius Lepus
Hospitaller Northkeep.


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