[Northkeep] Grub and Garb thank you's

Chris Birdwell angusmgunn at yahoo.com
Sun Sep 28 16:36:16 PDT 2008

Greetings Northkeep,
         I would like to thank everyone who came out to support another succesful grub and garb. I would like to especially thank Honorable Lady Adalia and Pooky for arranging and the CPR class. I would also like to thank Mistress Elizabeta for teaching our newcomers class. We will be continuing our classes next month with beginning garb. Thank you all and don't forget to come out to each practice as there is plenty of room for everyone. Also, I would like to thank Sir Angus Macknockard, Centurions Ulf Arnfinnson and Morgan Blackdragon, as well as there excellencies Ian and Kelandra as well as Beorthlic and Elizabeta for making the journey to support Eldern Hills international fest demo. See you all at populace.
Thank you,'
Centurion Angus Gunn
Squire to Sir Cassius Lepus
Hospitaller Northkeep.


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