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Angus MacKnochard glnn_jhn at yahoo.com
Mon Sep 29 07:07:21 PDT 2008

It is manditory for all officers to send in monthly reports to the regional officers. This keeps the kingdom informed on everything that is going on in our the group. It is equally important for all officers to inform the populace of what is happening in there areas. It is easy to do the online kingdom report and then forget to write up something for the SAGA. Sopmetimes there is little to report, and Some times we are just very busy, with Life and Tourney season.

There is no excuse for not writing a report for the SAGA.
And I am the worst of the bunch.
I will try to do better

 Angus MacKnochard Bagadur
Seneschal Northkeep
snerta er vald 

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I apologize for the delay in this month's saga.  I was unavailable to
put it together on Friday.  However, apparently, this is a good thing as
I have only received 3 reports and one article for this month's saga.
Officers, if you want your report in the Saga, I need the reports
ASAP...The saga will be emailed later today and will be available in
hard copy at populace.

HL Adalia

PS The three reports I have are:
Their Excellencies
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