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This message is intended for the Arts and Science area.  I am unable to
email dircetly so I am emailing to group page.  I apparently have lost
one box when I moved, and it was a very important box that contained all
of my garb referances and patterns for my clothing.  I have endlessly
searched on line and have not been able to find what I am looking for.
I am in search of a pattern for a Kirtle/Cotte also known as a
Cotehardie.  My referance source is the the Manesse Codec Paintings of
1300's - 1330's German based.  I am also looking for a pattern for a
Surcoat in the the same time frame and orgin as well as a Mantle with
arm slits.  I am looking for a period pattern that can be documented in
some way.  If there is any way that you or some one could help by even
pointing me in the right direction I would greatly appricate it.  
Lady Halla

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